Floating fake news on social media

Can people rely on social media as a source of news? Though social media has become an almost unavoidable part of our culture, we cannot always rely on it. Misinformation is not a new phenomenon on social media. Every day, we read a plethora of things on social media that may or may not be true. This inaccurate or deceptive information results in fake news. now a days, floating fake news on social media or in any other platform is not new, but these news are totally disturbing and showing such unethical behavior of our society, even that we all know it’s also an crime to do such things but we still do that, sometime for attention, something for promotion, or may be for popularity, even though we did not think once that what impact it will give to others or how people would react or how our society is getting harm from it, but that only for own self. And you see more for us are there for entertainment purpose, for our own joy , which includes jokes, laugh, fake statement, cross discussion, making fun of other mistakes, so that is what creates a very negative impact on our society. Throughout this COVID-19 period, there are various types of fake news on COVID-19 that are quickly spreading on social media and among the general public. From offering a variety of home remedies to combat the virus to disseminating bogus advisories advising people to avoid foods such as ice cream and chicken, to disseminating conspiracy theories, everybody’s phones are being inundated with misinformation. You will get something new to listen everyday, our government in ready in such bed condition to face their public , and the citizens trying to make it more difficult, if you want popularity please work hard for it, if you want attention please do show your creativity so that people can see your abilities and can also think that they are also able to do such thinks, the majority of people today is busy in this one thing I won’t say we shouldn’t use it , but use it as it requires. And we as a citizen has that responsibility to look after our country and to stay away from all the negative  calls. Restricting the negative impact of incorrect facts by detecting it early and controlling its pervasive spread. Investigate Machine Learning (ML) models for identifying and quantifying fake news, as well as internet fake news detection contests, quantitative outputs, and the benefits and drawbacks of some of the available information sets. There’s one account of Twitter which says:

“Disseminating #FakeNews is not only unethical and illegal but it is also disservice to the nation. It is the responsibility of everyone to reject irresponsible behavior”.

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Aqsa Aziz , Jawad Jaweed


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