Heaps of garbage spread various diseases in Karachi

Heaps of garbage and filth lying everywhere in the city of Quaid are causing spread of various diseases.

The city areas where poor and middle class people reside are the victims of administrative negligence and carelessness.
According to the gleaned details, the risk of spreading diseases in the areas affected by the stench, odour and germs arising from the garbage containers has increased manifold. The conditions have reached to the extent that garbage lying there continue to decay, but there is no one to dispose it off on time.

Mosquitoes, flies and other insects grow in the filthy water simmering from it. Particularly the growth of mosquitoes is the reason for an increase in the deadly diseases like dengue.

Timely and effective sanitation arrangements by the departments concerned have fallen prey to negligence, carelessness and corruption.
The worst situation regarding the waste management is a proof of the disappointing performance of the Sindh Solid Waste Management.
On one hand, basic and key professional responsibilities are being neglected and the words of achieving economic growth through waste recycling seem to be ridiculous on the other hand.


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