Commitment to education

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday terming education vital for national development said Al-Qadir University would be made a hub of Islamic research and youth’s character-building based on the golden principles of Islam. Addressing at an interactive session with educationists, Islamic bankers, scholars and parliamentarians here at Al-Qadir University, he said the research to be carried out at the institution would later be disseminated to educational institutes across the country. The prime minister, two years ago, had laid the foundation-stone of the university in name of great saint of sub-continent Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, with an objective to make the institution a cradle of science and spirituality. Imran Khan said currently, the Islamic studies being taught at the schools were beyond comprehension of students, thus had no relevance with correct interpretation. He said Al-Qadir University, to start its academic activities by September, would make international Islamic scholars such as Syed Nasir Hussain and Hamza Yousuf part of the university board for their worthy guidance. He said preparing a lot of knowledgeable and talented youth with moral strength was need of the hour. He emphasized the need of an education system that acted as means of self-development and a source of bringing positive change in the society. He said knowledge was the main element that distinguished between humans and animal species, and emphasized on the significance of literacy meeting the needs of both contemporary world and the hereafter. He stressed academic research at university with a purpose to benefit the humanity and said it was time to prepare the youth adopt best learning practices of international standards to acquire knowledge. The prime minister said he wanted to transform the system of Al-Qadir University similar to that of Egypt’s Al Azhar University, a prestigious institution of the world. He said the ideology of great Muslim thinker Allama Muhammad Iqbal was also based on the concept of founding principles of Islam that favoured ‘Ijtehad’ on issues by credible scholars of time. He desired introduction of scholarships for hardworking and brilliant students at Al-Qadir University to help them carry out studies and contribute to development of country. Besides taking inspiration from the west in technological development, he said, there were several aspects of their culture such as truth and honesty, that merited replication, except their flawed family system promoting disintegration. He mentioned that the corrupt practice of vote-purchase, as recently seen in Pakistan polls, was out of question for the western leadership and parliaments. He pointed that countries became failed states, not due to their financial but moral decline. Only a quality leadership of high moral calibre led a nation to success, he added. Imran Khan proposed Al-Qadir University to carryout research on the concept of Islam’s first welfare State of Medina that was based on the principles of socioeconomic justice and high moral standards. The prime minister flanked by Minister for Science and Technology Chaudry Fawad Hussain and MNA Farrukh Altaf planted a sapling in the premises of Al-Qadir University, to be developed into an Olive Orchard. So far, the Sufi and Research blocks at the university have been completed, while two other academic blocks, hostel and faculty residences are presently under construction. Under Miyawaki urban forest project, around 16,500 trees will be planted at the university premises including 1,000 olive and another 34,500 saplings to be planted in the vicinity.

Anjum Ali 

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