Emerging inflation

The government has no idea about the financial condition of the citizens. Rising inflation has a lot of effects on the citizens’ purchasing power. Since, last year was out breaking for the country’s economy and the sudden closure of 7 businesses due to covid created a lot of hurdles for the people in the country. The government launched Ehsas Programme to provide financial support to the people; however, this only helped a few people. There are still such families dealing with financial issues, and they don’t get any support from the government. On this Wednesday (10 Feb), the protests by the employees were a reminder for the people’s financial problems.
Pakistanis have been facing the worst time and they need the government to drag them out from the well. These protestors need the support of the government in one way or another. Thus, it is hoped that the authorities will do something to save the country’s economy as soon as possible.

Murwarid Nazir Ahmed


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