Deforestation in Pakistan

Forests are the beauty of nature. No place of beauty in the world is complete without forests. Forests play an important role in the development of a country. They are considered as natural resources, but unfortunately, it is hurtening to say that deforestation is increasing day by day in Pakistan and it is putting adverse effects on environment. The trees are being cut. It is become one of the common activities in the environment that increases the carban dioxide, global warming and ecological imbatance which destroy the suspicious circumstances. The forests are being cut down the outcome of such human activities is deforestation. The world most valuable environment is being around plants and animals life is gradually diminishing as the natural habitat is being affected. Pakistan is the second country’s the rate of deforestation in Asia. According to the experts forests should cover at least 25% of the total area of the country but unfortunately in Pakistan only 5.7 pc of land ,or around 4.54 million heatares under forests cover. Deforestation is a main environmental concern in the world. Deforestation includes the cutting down, burning, and destructing of forests that includes erosion, climatic change, air pollution and the loss of hardwood and fuel wood. The effects of deforestation can be devastating. Deforestation can damage to the environment the life of living organsim on earths. They may loss animals, plants and there are great possibilities for fatal diseases which could severely harm the mankind. The greatest research said that it is one of the highest problems that further does not let the organism to live on earth in balance lives. It makes near them from death. The people must take prompt actions against it that destroy and break the living elements of earth. The forests play a very important role in agriculture and farming. The help regulate the atmosphere. They absore carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Cutting and burning of trees lead to ever greater quantities of carbon mono oxide being released. The gases make a blanket around the earth which holds in the heat of the sun. This holding in of the heat is known as the green house effect. The people living in cold countries keep potted plants in glass rooms during winter. The glass rooms where potted plants are kept are known as green house. The cover of carbon mono oxide around the earth s making the whole world a big green house. This situation is extremely dangerous for the future of the world for the life of earth. The increase in average world temperature is going to melt more and more ice near the poles. The amount of water will increase in the ocean and thus raise their level. So ,people all over the world will have to make efforts to increase the number of forests so that a happy and healthy future of the world is ensured.

Mahikan Sarwar

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