Food prices continue to surge in KP

PESHAWAR: The district administration has failed to control the prices of food items in the provincial capital despite repeated instructions from the provincial government.
In the provincial capital, the price for pulses and rice have increased by Rs30 to Rs40 per kg in a month while sugar prices are still on the rise despite the government’s claims of resolving the issue by the start of sugarcane crushing season.
Sugar is being sold at Rs115 per kg, rice at Rs170 per kg and milk at Rs130 per kg while fruits and vegetable sellers in the city are also charging exorbitant prices. The prices of vegetables and fruits have gone up on a daily basis.
Similarly, poultry in Peshawar is currently being sold at Rs236 per kg.
In the last two months, the price of chicken has gone up by Rs80 per kg while the price of eggs has gone up by Rs81 per dozen. Farm eggs have gone up from Rs120 to Rs210 per dozen. Prices of fruits in the city have also skyrocketed as pomegranates are being sold at Rs300 per kg, grapes at Rs320 per kg, apples at Rs150 per kg, persimmon at Rs150 per kg and guava at Rs120 per kg.
Similarly, vegetable sellers are also ignoring the official price list. Okra per kilogramme is being sold for Rs100, potatoes Rs90 per kg, onions Rs80 per kg, tomatoes Rs120 per kg, lemon Rs150 per kg, peas Rs300 per kg, ginger Rs600 per kg, green chilli at Rs200 per kg, garlic Rs250 per kg, and cauliflower at Rs50 per kg.

Asim Shiraz, a Peshawar resident, told Profit that daily wage labourers are unable to earn their one-time living due to the rising food prices and unemployment.

On the other hand, traders have said that the rise in prices of vegetables and fruits is due to the gap in demand and supply in the market in addition to higher fuel and electricity during the winter season.
According to vegetable seller Mohammad Qasim, despite the fact that many vegetable items are currently available in Afghanistan at low prices, prices here are going up due to issues at the Torkham border.
“If imports are relaxed, the prices of many food items in the province may come down,” he said.
Aziz Buneri
Aziz Buneri
Author is a senior journalist and working in the field of journalism since 2004. He covers Financial, Social, Political and regional issues for Pakistan today and Profit. He can reached at [email protected]

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