Sugar price slashed Rs20 per kg due to govt’s intervention: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the ex-mill price of sugar came down by Rs20 per kilogramme in 20 days due to the government’s effective intervention in the matter.

“Distribution of imported sugar at control rates & timely start of crushing season also ensured. I have asked provinces to ensure fair & swift cane payments are made to farmers,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle.

It may be noted that the sugar prices in the country have witnessed a decline in wholesale and retail markets.

In early November, the federal government had said that it would reduce sugar prices by Rs15-Rs20. Addressing a press conference related to the announcement, Federal Minister for Industries and Production Hammad Azhar had said that the government has procured over one hundred tonnes of imported sugar to meet the demand.


  1. There are quite a few stellar, totally impossible before, formidable accomplishments by this government that failed to make splashy news in the media overall. Salute to Profit for setting bipartisan standards in journalism that other medis outlets don’t follow due to elite capture who is squelching and on the run and a large part of media is controlled by them.

    It is first time ever now that IPPs have had to slash peak hour rate due to the government’s intervention and the overly expensive power tariff cut down a fair one, textile sector literally booming for the first time ever since 1990, sugar, flour, and other mafias on the teethering end for the first time ever with shameless, voraciously greedy, vested-interest protecting system, thrusted upon by the collusion of these scoundrels with dishonest and incompetent bureaucracy, who are mostly their close relatives in the civil service, is now longer serving and protecting them. Elite capture is turning into elite on the run.

  2. Whatttt a joke is this ????
    your quick action reduce the price 15 to 20 Rs down and what about the increase in Almost 80 percent price….from 55 RS per Kg to 115 RS per kg .
    Ist you increase price upto double and then proudly saying that your actions have reduce the price 15 RS per Kg….
    Shame on your poor planning infect poor Management…………

  3. Bureaucracy doing bidding for all mafia associations, was totally unfathomable in that how summaries for price hike, subsidies, tax breaks were made and how officers involved in the process all had similar views-collusion at its peak, therby easily getting approval in cabinet meetings and all, however, this process is no more working as it seems, due to lack of support unlike before coming from the sitting PMs.

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