Karachi’s cleanliness drive

Cooperation rather than point scoring is the answer In early August Federal Minister Ali Zaidi launched “Let’s Clean Karachi” drive, pledging to bring the city waste down to zero with the help

PTI waives off GIDC

Robin Hood in reverse A handful of industrialists will be benefitting heavily from a waiver on their liability to pay the Federal Government Cess on gas consumption. Since 2012 a total of

Omer Javed

PTV and economic development

The government needs to use it to further national aims The PM rightly emphasises the Scandinavian model of development in his speeches. This is because among the list of OECD (Organisation for

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

‘Har Din Karbala’

The Imam’s Karbala was only the first As the Muharram moon unveils itself, it brings with it the memory of the sacrifice made 1400 years ago. The oppressed stood up against the

Afghanistan not settled yet

There still too many unknowns to decide that the crisis is over The Doha talks between the USA and the Taliban are supposed to be close to a settlement which will lead

Police culture unchanged

Gujjarpura case shows no change has taken place The suspension by the DIG Lahore of the SHO Gujjarpura and three of his subordinates, after the recovery of nine suspects from a Forest


The relevance of rushd

Reforms are needed to stop the scourge of child marriage By Ramsha Shahid On 21 August 2019; the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice rejected a bill amending the Child Marriage


Kashmir future?

Is this a new beginning for a stagnant freedom movement? By Emran Naseem Article 370 in the Indian Constitution has been abolished, that gives a special status to Kashmir, and Kashmiris. Now

Ummah and international politics

Time Pakistanis get over sentimentality India’s illegal annexation of Kashmir followed by widespread repression has raised serious questions about the relevance of the Ummah and the OIC in today’s international politics. None

Pressures on the economy

Rhetoric versus reality The PTI’s first year in office has been most criticised in the light of its various economic policies– the hits and misses– aimed at stabilisation. What it inherited from

White Lies

A curious state of affairs in the automotive sector. The government’s haphazard and presumably ill-thought taxation structure has brought about a lop-sided change in consumption patterns: people on the luxury end are