Avoiding a constitutional crisis

Without invoking the Supreme Court   An orderly working of the system requires that elections are held on time and power transferred to the winning party peacefully. It is also important to

The consensus in PML-N

Every war plan looks good  on paper until you meet the enemy After a series of leadership meetings the PML-N has taken important decisions about its future line of action.  Tentative agreements

CPEC power block

Chinese company slows down major transmission line project  The CPEC has rightly been presented  as a make or break project, one that would provide a much-needed force-multiplier boost to the national economy.

Rabia Ahmed

Sectarian egos in the region

And Pakistan’s priorities   The unrest turned sectarian in 2004 when the Shia led Houthis staged an uprising against the Sunni government. They’re trying to take over the government, said the government;

Fruits of the Arab Spring

And the Saudi implosion   The irony of ironies, as far as the Middle East goes, that the ominous prophecy of the late Col Gaddafi – that Saudi Arabia too, after Libya

So much for Darnomics

And Dar sb also?   Time was, not too long ago, when Ishaq Dar was second only to the prime minister on the totem pole in Islamabad. He could do as he

PML-N and the election

And political time bombs   Has the Supreme Court, with its scathing ‘you can’t fool all the people all the time’ critique, delivered the kiss of death to Nawaz Sharif’s political future?

Kuldip Nayar

Gandhi’s assassination

A plot involving scores of people in high places I think the Supreme Court’s order to appoint an amicus curie in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination is important. More about how it happened and


Love thyself

By Ramma S Cheema   Especially when nobody else will   Self-esteem is, hands down, the most important tool for personal growth. Why? If you don’t feel good about yourself, nobody else