The economy can be fixed

A rich country that is being mismanaged By Maham Fatima Since its independence in 1947. Pakistsn hass been facing a financial crisis. The country’s political crisis at different times has been one

A positive development

But how long will it last? After keeping the National Assembly dysfunctional for several days of the budget session, an exercise in course correction seems to have been conducted. A directive from

National Development Council

An economic body with a difference? At first sight, the new National Development Council seems to be a mere repetition of a number of already existing bodies, especially in view of its

Desperate for dollars

As expenditures pile up Prime Minister Imran Khan, through his Instagram account, announced that Qatar’s emir will be visiting Pakistan this week bringing with him $22 billion, notably $1 billion higher than

Shah Nawaz Mohal

True victims of the system

The system ‘Kaptaan’ and his ilk came to change has changed them  Budget blues, inflation skyrocketing, the number of perished promises piling up, all pervading disenchantment, and victorious ones behaving with wanton

Askari Raza Malik

Divine justice

An incoherent philosophy Most Pakistanis are Muslims by faith, spiritual by default. Superstition appears as spiritualism to the uninitiated. The conceptual uniqueness of unity in Islam however, remains untarnished. Most also ascribe

The prime minister and NA

Sawing off the branch one is sitting on The noisy PTI MNAs continuously disturbed and heckled the Leader of the Opposition when he started to speak on the budget on Monday. This led

 World Cup blues

The hits just keep on coming After watching Pakistan lose to West Indies in spectacular fashion only to beat England in the following match by giving them a near impossible target to