An interim relief

No reason to be over the moon The suspension of the NAB court’s sentence in Avenfield reference and the release of the three accused is the first good news for the Sharif

Rabia Ahmed

Alternative solutions

Spending on restricting population growth is worthwhile Polluted waterways are a major environmental issue, and the looming spectre of extreme water shortage only adds to it. The efficacy of dams as a

Begum Kulsoom Nawaz

 An unspoken figure The death of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz has been an emotionally charged one, amidst the unsteady and tumultuous political climate that has followed on from 2013, after the battle for

PTI in conciliation mode

The government-opposition relations It was all smiles and sunshine during the National Assembly sitting on Tuesday before the presentation of the amended finance bill. Shah Mahmud Qureshi supported the opposition’s demand for

A bad start

Government and opposition must find middle ground The new National Assembly began its five year  tenure  on  an  inauspicious note. Despite  the proceedings of the joint parliamentary session beginning  with  a prayer

Shah Nawaz Mohal

 And why in the realm of politics, no one has reprieve from criticism Eternally sick, tired and exhausted of all that ‘is’, the change-Seekers wanna escape from ‘here and now’. Dreaming of