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M J Akbar

Price and prejudice

Why Rahul left Amethi for Wayanad If Amethi is not safe for Rahul Gandhi, then there is no safe constituency for Congress between Gangotri and the Bay of Bengal. That is the

M J Akbar

A Jogi in search of Nirvana

The Indian National Congress It is not difficult to define success in electoral politics; it is measured by objectives. There are, broadly, two objectives. If you are in play for power, then

M J Akbar

The Power of Regret

Slowly but surely, it bears fruit Cuba. Vietnam. Hiroshima. Is Barack Obama trying to tell us something? I think yes. In the last months of American history’s most unexpected presidency, he is

M J Akbar

The Pope talks to Europe

And he’s laying down some hard truths Real stories so often get lost in the news; and news itself becomes a passing banner in the long parade of information that sets out

M J Akbar

Hysteria Trumps democracy

Self-inflicted wounds   Barack Obama was in a thoughtful mood during the joint press conference with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday, his sharp mind clearly above the limited demands of