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The Pakistani Diaspora

Ghose, Suleri and Qureishi   “A serious house on serious earth it is…” Philip Larkin The writers in diaspora are not dissimilar to Oedipus at Colonos where he makes Antigone, his daughter,

Fatima Zubair

Thoughts that breathe

Losing sense of direction in the scourge of materialism   2am: Under the monotonously whirring fan, I sit on my sofa revisiting some of my old literature notes. I come across some

Fatima Zubair


Pakistan and the human rights treaties     Amid the state’s efforts to curb another killing binge in our northwest, through talks with Taliban, the following might seem anachronistic and idiotic at

Fatima Zubair

Traversing the unsung

Environmental protection and the global south Fatima Zubair Global conferences for the environment come and go. Some are a success while others not so. While these conferences, like the most recent Warsaw

Fatima Zubair

Our children, our future

Society and the innocent psychology Amidst the obstinate continuum of socio-political woes in Pakistan, what very often gets eclipsed from notice are our children. While many a psychology is being forfeited in

Fatima Zubair

Discrimination it is

Why are the blacks in the US still ‘the others’? Some five decades ago, Malcolm X wrote in his autobiography, “Thicker each year in these ghettoes is the teenager I was-with the