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Faraz Talat

Who is Raza?

And who’s next? The most pressing question at this moment in time – the one being asked repeatedly by the placard-wielding loved ones of our missing friend – is a simple one:

Faraz Talat

Religion and economics

What does religion teach you? Western liberals frequently highlight a curious phenomenon in the Christian world: The fact that the Bible explicitly condemns homosexual behaviour has been the cornerstone of the Christian

Faraz Talat

Don’t blame the masses

The greatest lie you’ll ever hear, is that you’re ‘special’. Anti-democratic propaganda isn’t easy. The obvious target would be the incumbent government, whatever that may be. But propaganda against the ruling party

Faraz Talat

Physician, heal thyself

Self-exploration as ‘Journalism’   “We, as journalists, are living our own stories in our own unique ways, and some of them may well be worth reporting.”   One may always suspect narcissism