Raveena Tandon beaten by mob in Mumbai, video goes viral

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon was attacked by a mob in Mumbai’s Bandra over the weekend after her driver was accused of rash driving by them.

As seen in the widely circulated video on social media, a mob attacked Raveena Tandon outside her house in Bandra, in the late hours of Saturday, while the Bollywood actor kept pleading not to ‘hit’ as she tried to defend herself from the assault.

They alleged the actor’s driver of rash driving, further claiming that Tandon came out of her car in a drunken state to defend her driver. However, the sources suggest that her car did not touch anyone and no individual was hurt.

In the viral clip, Tandon can be seen surrounded by the mob, who attacked her and were seen calling the police on the scene, while a woman in the group shouted, “My nose is bleeding. She [Raveena] assaulted me.”

On thet oher hand, the Bollywood celebrity is seen requesting the onlookers not to record her video and also pleaded to the mob, “Don’t push. Please don’t hit me,” while the crowd continued to scream, “Maaro isko (Hit her).


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