Tourists land car in stream while following Google Maps

A tourist’s car sank after they drove it into a stream while navigating the area through Google Maps.

The four-member tourist group hailing from India’s Hyderabad were driving an SUV in Kuruppanthara area of Kerala when they drove the vehicle into a stream, an Indian media outlet reported on Sunday.

The group including three men and one woman were set to visit Alappuzha tourist spot.

Reports said that the driver was travelling on the road covered by overflowed water from the stream due to heavy rains in Kerala as he followed Google Maps.

The driver, not familiar with the area, blindly followed Google Maps and drove right into the water body.

As soon as their vehicle began to sank, nearby patrolling police van and locals arrived to their help and rescued all the four tourists without injuries.

However, their car was completely submerged in the stream as the rescue team were carrying out operation to retrieve it.

In a similar incident last year, two doctors were killed after they drove into a river while reportedly following Google Maps.

The incident triggered the local police in Kerala to issue cautionary guidelines on using technology during the monsoon season.


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