Efforts needed to end Israeli aggression in Palestine, Indian in IIOJK, ask rally participants

MUZAFFARABAD: A protest rally was held in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, against Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Israeli aggression in Palestine on world Human Rights Day, today.

The protest rally was jointly organized by Pasban-e Hurriyat Jammu Kashmir and International Forum for Justice and Human Rights. The protesters on the occasion raised slogans in favour of people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine and against India and Israel.

While addressing the rally, speakers urged world to come forward and protect the humanity in IIOJK and Palestine.

They said the efforts to protect basic human rights must continue, as the present Israeli attack on innocent Palestinians which has 67th day in Gaza is an alarming genocidal campaign.

At the same time India’s brutalities and targeting of majority Muslim population in occupied Jammu and Kashmir are also needed to be ended. They regretted the silence of the world over the massacre of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine at the hands of India and Israel, which are illegally occupying the two territories.

Protestors were shouting slogans in favor of Kashmiri and Palestinian people, waved black flags, carried banners and placards inscribed anti-India, anti-Israel and pro freedom slogans. They also marched from Sathra Mor to Gharipan Chowk.


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