Unity among Muslim countries vital to strengthen Ummah: Aneeq

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Aneeq Ahmed has stressed the need of unity among Muslim countries to strengthen Ummah and portraying its soft image across globe.

This was stated by him during a meeting with Bahraini Parliament Member and former Speaker Sheikh Adel bin Abdulrahman Almuawda, who called on him here in his office in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Sheikh Almuawda met with Minister Aneeq along with Pakistani scholars including Maulana Abu Turab, Maulana Atiqur Rehman Shah Kashmiri, Professor Sajjad Qamar, and Maulana Hafiz Maqsood Ahmad.

During their discussions, both leaders emphasized the promotion of unity within the Muslim Ummah, addressing common issues, and combating Islamophobia.

Aneeq Ahmed reaffirmed that Pakistan’s foundation was rooted in the Quran and Sunnah, and stressed the need for Muslim nations to work collectively to manifest the teachings of Islam. He highlighted that as Muslims, it was crucial to align their actions with Quranic guidance and promote Islamic values to the world.

Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of nurturing the younger generation lamenting that many young individuals were not seeking solutions to contemporary issues within the Quran’s teachings.

Sheikh Almuawda expressed his country’s deep affection for Pakistan as the only state established in the name of Islam. He also drew attention to historical instances of Islamophobia and the need to change the world’s perception of Islam by removing the veil of ignorance. Both leaders concurred that gradually incorporating religious education in educational institutions and spreading the message of Islam in a gentle and informative manner was essential.

He also extended an invitation to Minister Aneeq to visit Bahrain to further strengthen bilateral relations. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to enhancing cooperation between Pakistan and Bahrain, with the ultimate goal of fostering unity, promoting Islamic values, and addressing the challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah on a global scale.


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