Rain lashes parts of northeastern, central Punjab

LAHORE: Most parts of north-eastern and central Punjab received heavy downpour on Saturday, inundating low-lying areas and exposing poor infrastructure in urban centres.

The latest spell of rains is again a result of monsoon current from the Arabian Sea penetrating the upper and central parts of Pakistan with a westerly affecting the region at the same time, resulting in intense downpours.

Hence, the combined effects of the two systems are producing heavy rains despite the fact that the monsoon currents are moderate in their intensity.

Although global warming has increased the rain intensity around the globe, convergence of hot and cold winds due to two systems [monsoon currents and westerly] makes downpour even more likely. In fact, the overwhelming majority of intense rains, especially in northeastern Punjab, this season is a result of their interaction.

In Lahore, the downpour with wind started around 3:30 which was soon followed by a drenching thunderstorm. Although, rain had stopped around 9:30am, the city and other parts of northeastern Punjab were still covered by dark clouds.

The highest amount of rain 156mm recorded in the city was at Qartaba Chowk followed by Lakshmi Chowk 138mm, Gulshan-e-Ravi 142mm, Gulberg 121mm, Nishtar Town 107mm, Paniwala Talab 107mm, Tajpura 103mm, Farrukhabad 97mm, Iqbal Town 92mm and Johar Town 88mm.

However, the rain clouds initially had started developing over western Punjab around midnight, which moved towards central and eastern Punjab, resulting in heavy rain along its path.

Earlier, it was expected that the heavy rains during the last weekend and earlier this week would end the hot and humid conditions. But the delay in monsoon withdrawal means that the humidity level had jumped again.

On Friday, isolated rain was reported from Islamabad and upper Punjab on Wednesday after the monsoon currents and the westerly started affecting the region. The spell will continue during the next 36 to 48 hours.


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