CAA divided into two separate organisations

KARACHI: In order to divide the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), a nine-member committee has been established.

A notification was issued according to which, the Ministry of Aviation’s Joint Secretary II – Shazia Rizvi – has been appointed as the chairperson of the nine-member committee.

As per the notification, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will be divided into the Pakistan Airport Authority and the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation.

The notification stated that Vice Air Marshal Taimoor Iqbal will serve as the deputy of the committee, meanwhile, the other committee members comprised of Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Aviation, Asif Iqbal, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Abdul Malik, Deputy Director General of Regulatory CAA, Nadir Shafiq, President of Aircraft Accident Investigation Board, Commodore Mirza Aamir, Director Finance of CAA, Saqib Butt, Director of Aviation Security, Sameer Saeed, Director of APS, Sadiqul Rahman, and Director HR of CAA, Abid Ali Shah. The nine-member committee is instructed to complete its work by October 15.

The committee will be responsible to transfer the current assets and funds to these two organisations as well as oversee the transfer of employees, records, offices, and furniture. Additionally, the committee will have the authority to distribute machinery, vehicles, and funds.


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