NEPRA holds meeting to discuss, advance power development initiative in AJK

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) convened a meeting to discuss and advance the power development initiatives in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

The meeting which chaired by Mathar Niaz Rana (nsc), Member (Tariff & Finance) NEPRA, was attended by Secretary Power AJK and CEO of K-Electric and his team, said a press release issued.

The primary focus of the meeting was to address key challenges and explore opportunities for facilitating power development initiatives in AJK.

In his opening remarks, Mathar Niaz Rana shed light on the crucial aspects of the Competitive Trading Bilateral Contract Market (CTBCM) and its implications for the power sector.

A comprehensive discussion ensued during the meeting, highlighting the immense hydro power potential in AJK, estimated at a known potential of staggering 23,000 MW and an estimation of about 46,000 MW.

The participants examined strategies to streamline the ongoing and upcoming projects that face obstacles from power purchasers, ensuring their smooth resolution.

K-Electric expressed gratitude to Mr. Mathar Niaz Rana for his support in this matter, affirming KE’s commitment to procure cheap hydro power from AJK to bring down the tariff of K-Electric for its consumers, this will also reduce the subsidies being provided by the Government of Pakistan to K-Electric.

Mathar Niaz Rana pledged wholehearted support and assistance to the AJK Government to actively resolve any hurdle hindering power development in the region.

The outcome of the meeting reflects NEPRA’s dedication to promoting power development and its commitment to fostering collaboration between stakeholders.

NEPRA remains steadfast in its mission to create an enabling environment for sustainable, reliable and affordable power generation.


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