Federal Budget 2023-24 at a glance

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Friday presented a proposed budget of Rs. 14.460 trillion for the fiscal year 2023-24.

Following is the breakup of resources and expenditure for federal budget 2023-24:-

TOTAL RESOURCES (I to V): Rs. In Billion: 14,460

(FBR) – Federal

Consolidated Fund: 9,200

Non-Tax Revenue: 2,963

a) Gross Revenue Receipts: 12,163

b) Less Provincial Share: 5,276

I.Net Revenue Receipts (a-b): 6,887

II. Non-Bank Borrowing (NSSs & Others) – Public Account: 1,906

III. Net External Receipts – Fed. Consolidated Fund: 2,527

VI. Bank Borrowing (T-Bills, PIBs, Sukuk) – Fed. Consolidated Fund: 3,124

V. Privatization Proceeds – Fed. Consolidated Fund: 15

Total (II+III+IV+V): 7,572

TOTAL EXPENDITURE (A+B) Rs. In Billion: 14,460

A. Current: 13,320

Interest Payments: 7,303

Pension: 761

Defence Affairs & Services: 1,804

Grants and Transfers to Provinces & Others: 1,464

Subsidies: 1,074

Running of Civil Govt: 714

Provision for Emergency and others : 200

B. Development: 1,140

Federal PSDP: 950

Net Lending: 190


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