Peshawar teen’s heart valve changed without open-heart surgery

PESHAWAR: Peshawar Institute of Cardiology change a 17-year-old patient’s heart valve without resorting to open-heart surgery, authorities told media on Thursday.

The institute’s spokesperson Riffat Anjum said that the operation on the 17-year-old patient had been the first of its kind in the hospital.

The patient had lost usage of the valve that carries blood to his lungs.

PEDS cardiologist said that the patient had already had three heart surgeries which made open-heart surgery significantly more risky. Therefore, the decision was made to opt for a minimally invasive surgery which was a success.

In open heart surgery, surgeons directly access the patient’s heart by opening the chest, cutting through the breastbone and spreading the ribs. The recovery time of such a procedure is longer than less invasive procedures.


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