Three terrorists killed in attack by ‘accomplices’ in Swat

SWAT: Three terrorists, including two in-custody militants, were killed in an alleged shootout that took place in hills of Banjot area of Mangalwar in Swat on Tuesday, the Regional Police Officer (RPO) Malakand Division confirmed.

According to DIG Malakand Division Nasir Mahmood Satti, the CTD and local police were conducting a search operation in Banjot area where last month ( May 23) an exchange of fire between armed men and police occurred, killing one civilian Jamad Ali Khan while a police cop named Waqar Khan was injured in the firing.

Yesterday on June 5, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Chief Akhtar Hayat Khan announced the Counter Terrorism Department had arrested militants, including a key militant commander Rafiullah and one of his facilitator Asmatullah belonging to TTP Swat group. Both the terrorists were also presented before local media.

However on Tuesday, the DIG Malakand Division told to local media persons that the CTD along with local police personnel took the arrested militants – Rafiullah and Asmatullah to Banjot area in the light of information extorted from them “for recovery.”

He said that when the CTD and police party were conducting the search operation in the area, an absconding militant Zakirullah and others accomplices fire on them, killing both Rafiullah and Asmatullah on the spot. In retaliation of CTD and police, the militant Zakirullah was also killed on the spot.

“The other outlaws, however, managed to flee away in the nearby forest for which search operation by CTD and Police is in progress” he concluded.


Syed Shahabuddin
Syed Shahabuddin
Reporter at Pakistan Today


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