PTI demands registration of Razzaq Shar’s murder case against PM, Interior Minister

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Raoof Hassan demanded that the case of murder of Supreme Court (SC) lawyer Abdul Razzaq Shar should be registered against the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and they should be instantly sacked from their official positions so as that justice could be done.

Reacting to Attaullah Tarar’s press conference, PTI SIC said that the PTI requested the apex court to take immediate notice of the attempt to implicate PTI Chairman Imran Khan in another false case.

Raoof Hassan rejected the baseless, concocted and absurd allegations of Tarar, adding that the killing of Abdul Razzaq Shar was a continuation of the shameful, unconstitutional and illegal campaign to crush PTI, which was the only federal political party in the country at present.

He went on to say that Tarar’s presser was a brutal attempt to cover up the murder of a lawyer and the same characters and elements were responsible for his blood who played the shameful game by orchestrating the May 9 mayhem and vandalism.

Raoof Hassan said that the same actors who killed 25 innocent Pakistanis and injured hundreds others on May 9 were involved in this murder as well.

PTI SIC stated that the ruling group involved in the rampant lawlessness and constitutional as well as in administrative terrorism in the country tried to slaughter the supremacy of people on May 9.

Raoof Hasan went on to say that the accusing PTI Chairman for the murder within two hours without investigation was clear indication that another shameful plan was in the making to implicate him in another false and politically motivated case, who was already facing over 150 false and fabricated cases.

He said that it became a norm and tradition to blame Imran Khan for all incidents of killing and murder in the country.

PTI SIC recalled that PTI Chairman was seriously injured in assassination attempt on November 3, but no FIR was registered hitherto.

He stated that on May 9, some people took advantage of the peaceful protests and vandalized public properties, resultantly hundreds of peaceful civilians were injured, but no investigation was carried out so far.

Raoof Hassan said that it was officially announced to name Imran Khan in another false case of murder of lawyer Abdul Razzaq sans any investigation.

He recalled that Imran Khan nominated the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister and a top intelligence officer in the assassination attempt on his life, adding that PTI Chairman kept updating the nation about notorious designs of these three people constantly.

Raoof Hassan said that these three people were still in their respective positions, who plunged the country into worst crises of its history.

He demanded that the murder case of Abdul Razzaq Shar should be registered against the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister instead of Imran Khan and they both should be instantly removed from their positions and should be investigated in this regard.

PTI SIC urged that the SC should take notice of the murder of Abdul Razzaq Shar and the official press conference instantly and should take immediate action against those responsible for the murder of the lawyer.



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