Desalination plant in Gwadar to be inaugurated on June 30

GWADAR: A desalination plant established with the assistance of the Chinese government will be inaugurated on June 30 to provide clean drinking water to the masses.

The plants to desalinate 1.2 million gallon of seawater per day would be functional by the end of the current month, said an official of Gwadar Development Authority.

The project cost Rs 2 billion which had been financed by the Chinese government would provide clean drinking water for the people.

He said, “The construction of the desalination plant at the Gwadar port is in its final stages.”

He said the water supply to Gwadar would be resolved with the operation of the plant to cater needs of the city.

The official said resolving the water issue was a top priority of the civic authority and added that steps would be taken to achieve the target to ensure the availability of safe drinking water.


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