Karachi gets first air taxi service

KARACHI: A local company, Sky Wings, has introduced an air taxi service for the people of Karachi, allowing users to book an air journey while sitting at home with just a few taps through the mobile app.

Now it is possible to book an online aerial taxi like online cab ride.

This latest and innovative service will facilitate booking of air travel according to preferred time and destination.

The air taxi has reached Pakistan after its error-free trials.

This single-engine aircraft has a seating capacity of four to six passengers, which is capable of traveling from Karachi to Interior Sindh and Balochistan.

The fare of this German-made air taxi service is lower than the fare of a common charter service.

The air taxi service will start with eight aircraft of different capabilities in which all and sundry can travel.

According to the CEO of the Sky Wings, chartered services would charge at least Rs2.5 million to fly passengers from Karachi to other cities in Sindh and Balochistan.

The Sky Wings is already operating an air ambulance and a flight to Mohenjo-daro.


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