Mushaal fears Yasin Malik’s slow death due to Modi govt’s callous attitude

ISLAMABAD: Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation, Mushaal Hussein Mullick came down hard on the notorious Narendra Modi-led Indian government for unlawful detention of her husband Yasin Malik in the death cell of the notorious Tihar jail for the last one year in false, fabricated and politically motivated cases.

Speaking at an event in Islamabad Bar Council along with Secretary General Sabien Hussain Mullick here on Thursday held on the occasion of the completion senior hurriyat leader one year in Tihar Jail, Mushaal said that Yasin Malik had been languishing Tihar jail’s death cell after Indian kangaroo courts sentenced him life imprisonment in a one-sided decision without providing him with a fair trial opportunity.

Mushaal, the wife of jailed Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, urged that Kashmiri people across the world should raise their voices for the release of Yasin Malik and other Kashmiri people detained in Indian jails for their crimes to raise voice for their birthright of right to self-determination.

On the occasion, Mushaal said that the Hindutva regime crossed all limits of barbarity and atrocity, as Yasin Malik was deprived of all legal, fundamental and constitutional rights.

The hurriyat leader lamented that despite his fast deteriorating health condition, he was not provided much-needed life-saving medicines.

The Chairperson expressed her apprehension that her husband was moving towards slow death due to the government’s callous attitude towards him coupled with the non-provision of required medicines and continued mental and physical torture.
Mushaal stated that the brutal authorities used all fascist tactics to convince him to shun the peaceful freedom struggle for Kashmiri people but they miserably failed.

She stated that the fascist Modi regime has failed to break Yasin Malik’s resolve for freedom despite using all inhuman and illegal tactics. Therefore, she demanded that it was time to act now to end illegal detention of Yasin Malik before it was too late because his life was in danger.

Mushaal strongly condemned the undemocratic and inhuman approach of Narendra Modi-led fascist government towards Yasin Malik who was denied all legal and medical facilities.


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