Tarar: PTI ‘miscreants’ engage in ‘conspiracy’ to damage monuments

ISLAMABAD: Attaullah Tarar, the special assistant to the prime minister on the interior, addressed a press conference on Wednesday, condemning the acts of vandalism and anarchy he claimed were carried out by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) workers.

Tarar said that these miscreants aimed to divert attention from former prime minister Imran Khan’s alleged corruption. He assured the public that strict legal action would be taken against those responsible.

Tarar highlighted the PTI workers had desecrated holy places, attacked memorials of martyrs, and targeted sensitive installations as part of a conspiracy. He specifically mentioned the attack on the house of the commander of the Lahore Corps in Lahore, implicating Khan’s nephew, Hasan Niazi, in the incident.

The minister further reported that pictures of martyrs were burnt, and the monument of Captain Karnal Sher Khan was damaged by PTI miscreants. He emphasized the need to punish these criminals to set a precedent and deter future acts of mischief.

Tarar mentioned the establishment of prosecution teams and legal experts to ensure proper legal proceedings.

Tarar urged the courts not to neglect such shameful acts, as they directly impact the integrity and sovereignty of the country. He claimed to possess an audio recording of Murad Saeed inciting workers, while also alleging that several PTI leaders were leading the miscreants during these incidents.

He pointed out specific instances such as the damage to the model of Chaghai mountain and the fire at the Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar, which symbolises the independence of Pakistan in 1947.

Addressing the allegations of corruption against Imran Khan, Tarar asserted that the PTI miscreants resorted to these acts to divert attention from the £190 million case involving the land dispute. He emphasized that those responsible would not be spared.

Tarar drew a comparison between political leaders who face arrest in political cases and Fawad Chaudhry, who allegedly ran to avoid arrest. Tarar insinuated that Chaudhry’s case involved genuine charges aimed at damaging the country’s integrity, rather than being merely politically motivated.

Tarar conveyed the government’s commitment to taking strict action against the PTI miscreants and ensuring justice is served. He called for the cooperation of the courts in addressing these incidents, considering their significance to the country’s integrity and sovereignty.


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