PTI to hold rallies every day till May 14, say Imran

  • Says entire nation decided to stand with constitution, SC
  • Vows won’t rest till elections to free country from crooked rulers

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan came down hard on the cable of crooks imposed by Gen (Retd) Bajwa on the nation, who plunged the country into neck-deep in crisis, vowing that the PTI would hold rallies every day from next week, which would be lasted till May 14 when elections to the Punjab Assembly were scheduled as per the direction of the Supreme Court (SC).

Addressing a massive rally in Lahore here on Saturday to express solidarity with CJP and SC, he said that it was the entire nation’s decision to stand with the Constitution and against the way this mafia was putting pressure on and doing propaganda against the CJP and other judges.

PTI held rallies in all provinces, districts and over 4000 UCs with one slogan: “I Stand With Supreme Court”.

Every street of the country was filled with people out in support for Chief Justice Pakistan and the apex court on Saturday.

Announcing the plan for daily rallies, the PTI chairman said he would come out and prepare the public to protest if elections were not held.

“When a country’s Constitution is violated, it means the justice system and the rule of law have ended. Most of all, it means that the nation has lost its freedom and become slaves,” he added.

He urged that nation would not rest till elections were held and Pakistan was free from the clutches of these cable of crooks who ruined the country altogether.

Referring to Bilawal’s visit to India to attend a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), Imran Khan said the way Bilawal was treated by his Indian counterpart was a matter of shame for all of us.

PTI Chairman: “”Do you (Jaishankar) have no manners or etiquette? A guest comes to your country, inviting him and insulting him reflects on your country,” he added.

“Pakistan is being humiliated in the world. How the Indian foreign minister’s behaviour was when Bilawal went to India is a basis for shame for all of us. We ask the question, Bilawal you are touring the entire world but first tell that before going do you ask anyone that you’re spending the country’s money on a trip so what will be the benefit or loss from it?”

Castigating Shehbaz Sharif, Imran Khan questioned what Sharif was doing in London when the country was facing terrorism. Just the other day, six officials of armed forces were martyred and yesterday seven teachers were killed in Parachinar, he added.

The PTI Chairman vowed to continue his struggle for the rule of law in Pakistan, calling for free and fair elections to end the country’s political turmoil.

He criticised the imported rulers for ruining the national economy and causing unprecedented inflation and unemployment in the country.

Imran Khan said that PDM government was the gift of Bajwa, who imposed the corrupt rulers in Pakistan and reiterated that free and fair elections were the only way forward to end the current chaos in the country. Imran Khan stressed that his party would not allow anyone to breach the Constitution and continue its struggle for the real independence of Pakistan. He called their struggle a “jihad” for the country’s real independence.

Later, Imran Khan in a statement lashed out at the fascist government and said despite IHC recognising peaceful rally as a fundamental right under Articles 15,16,17 and 19 of Constitution in its ruling on our petition; and despite being a rally in support of Constitution and Rule of Law, ICT police unleashed violence against our women and men.

“We have now descended into law of the jungle and become a banana republic. That is why I have been appealing to our citizens unless we all stand up for Rule of Law, there will be no future for a prosperous and democratic Pakistan,” he added.

Earlier, Imran Khan thanked the people of Lahore for coming out in such large numbers twice in one week. “I also want to thank people all across Pakistan who came out today to stand with the Constitution and rule of law,” he added.


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