Loss of digital vision

Digital Pakistan initiative was planned in 2018 with the aim of achieving connectivity, improving digital infrastructure, and investing in digital skills and literacy of both the officials and the masses. This had happened because a number of factors compelled Pakistan to go digital in terms of governance and economy. However, the vision demanded elementary understanding regarding what this technology is, and how locals are using it in Pakistan. Excessive use of various social media platforms has disconnected us from the vision of Digital Pakistan. Data shows that only a few people know how to run computer software programmes among a large population of youngsters who are more interested in browsing the internet through their cellphones. A report released by LIRNEasia states that Pakistan’s internet-enabled mobile owners use less diverse range of applications and spend time mainly on social media, voice and messaging apps. Evidence on gender equality shows that only three per cent women in Pakistan are able to copy or move a file on a computer. Nearly 30pc of poor Pakistani women find it a challenge to afford a digital device. All things put together, lack of ownership or accessibility to devices and low digital literacy rate are contributing to the nation’s lack of exposure to the actual magnitude of the larger digital experience.

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