Capacity building underway to combat human trafficking: minister

ISLAMABAD: Abdul Rehman Khan Kanju, the deputy minister for interior, informed a session of the National Assembly on Monday that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is cooperating with international organisations to combat the problem of human trafficking.

Kanju was responding to a calling attention notice regarding the issue of human trafficking when he said: “The government of Pakistan is collaborating with international organizations including UNODC to tackle human trafficking.”

He added that a ministerial committee, headed by the minister for interior, Rana Sanaullah Khan, and comprising chief secretaries, was working round the clock to check human trafficking.

The minister also shared with the House that an inter-agency task force had been established to monitor the routes being used for human trafficking. He further urged people not to use illegal channels to move abroad.

Kanju emphasized that capacity building of relevant departments was also underway to enable them to deal with this menace effectively.


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