US lawmaker proposes resolution to declare March 23 as Pakistan Day

WASHINGTON: The US House of Representatives introduced a resolution to designate March 23 as “Pakistan Day”, with the aim of strengthening Islamabad-Washington relations and recognising the important role played by the Pakistani-American community in inspiring and strengthening the US.

Congressman Jamaal Bowman of the Democratic Party, who represents New York, initiated the landmark resolution, which would help foster ethnic pride and cultural diversity, thereby strengthening the fabric of US communities.

According to Radio Pakistan, the resolution said that recognising and paying tribute to those who foster ethnic pride and cultural diversity is important and desirable for the United States.

The resolution also highlighted that Pakistan Day provides an excellent opportunity for all US residents to learn more about Pakistan’s rich heritage and foster an appreciation for its ancient culture among future generations.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Masood Khan, thanked Bowman for his initiative, which would bring the two countries and their people closer to each other.

Congressman Bowman also expressed his solidarity with Pakistan, which has been hit by a natural disaster and conveyed his message of peace and love to the people of Pakistan.


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