FIA thwarts attempted travel on fake documents by two passengers

KARACHI: The immigration wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) offloaded two passengers who were traveling to Saudi Arabia on fake documents.

According to the FIA, the immigration wing checked the travel documents of the two passengers and found no record in the system. The passports of the passengers were stamped with fake Italy permits.

As a result, the passengers were handed over to the agency’s Human Trafficking Wing for further investigation.

In another incident on March 3, the FIA offloaded a passenger at Lahore airport who was carrying a fake passport. The passenger, Atif Irshad, was bound for Abu Dhabi on flight EY 242.

The agency conducted a raid at Lahore airport and confiscated fake Pakistani passports which had Netherlands and Sweden visas. The passenger had obtained the passport and visa from an agent against Rs3 million.

The fake passports were registered in the name of Ashir Azeem and Ali Raza. The passenger had planned to go to Italy after landing in Abu Dhabi.


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