A narrow escape

Pranksters make crank calls to harass or trick people in society. Some naïve people like me fall victim to such unknown callers and expose themselves to the risk of fraud. Crank calls are often made to ascertain people’s personal and private information, most of which is related to bank accounts and ATM pin codes.

I recently received an unknown call. The caller pretended to be from the State Bank of Pakistan, and addressed me by my name along with other details. I was told that my ATM card would be blocked within a few days, and some information was required for verification before the card could be revalidated.

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I was asked to share my account number and ATM pin code. I was about to do that, but, thankfully, I somehow smelled the rat and disconnected the call abruptly without giving any information at all. I immediately called my bank and was shocked to learn that I had narrowly escaped a fraud.

I asked my branch manager to trace out the caller and get him punished as per law but was disappointed to know that the caller was out of reach. Will the relevant authorities do something in this regard?



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