Pakistan urges world to continue humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has warned against reducing or ending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, which would cause harm to the millions of people currently living in poverty.

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Ambassador Munir Akram stressed the importance of providing ongoing assistance to support the human rights of the Afghan people. He also expressed concern over the recent restrictions placed on women and girls’ rights and called for the Taliban government to find a solution in line with Islamic principles.

Ambassador Akram called for full funding of the UN Secretary-General’s $4.2 billion recovery plan for Afghanistan, and emphasized the need for a more comprehensive international effort to revive the Afghan economy and financial sector.

He expressed concern over the terrorist attacks emanating from Afghanistan and urged the Afghan interim government to fulfil its assurances that Afghanistan’s territory would not be used for terrorism against neighbouring countries, including Pakistan.

Despite the challenges, Ambassador Akram stressed the importance of continuing engagement with the Afghan interim government to achieve the international community’s objectives for human rights, inclusive governance, and an end to terrorism.

He emphasized the need for Afghanistan’s immediate neighbours to work together to restore normalcy and stability in the country, with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) playing a vital role in the effort.

Finally, Ambassador Akram called for the lifting of sanctions and the restoration of travel ban exemptions as a first step towards addressing the issue of Afghanistan’s United Nations representation, currently represented by an appointee of the defunct regime of President Ashraf Ghani.

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