Fast bowler Naseem joins Balochistan police as honorary DSP

QUETTA: Tearaway fast bowler Naseem Shah has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador of Balochistan police.

The police appointed the pacer as the honorary DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) of the force in a ceremony held at the office of the provincial police chief in Quetta.

Addressing the crowd gathered at the venue, Shah expressed his gratitude and said: “As a child, I had been scared of policemen. My parents would scare me by mentioning the police. However, as I have grown up, I have come to realise the sacrifices they make to keep us safe.”

“They don’t just put their lives at risk for us, but I have a far more simple example of their service.”

“Those appointed with us at the NCA [National Cricket Academy] stay awake at night to protect us. I cannot even function if I do not get a good night’s rest. I have immense respect for the police and am deeply grateful for their assistance,” he added.

Shah is not the first bowler who has been bestowed with this honour. In July of last year, Shaheen Shah Afridi was named the goodwill ambassador of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police.


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