RUDA celebrates World Wetlands Day

LAHORE: Wetlands are habitats where water plays a major role in regulating the environment and the plant and animal life that goes along with it. Taking this into account, CEO Ravi Urban Development Authority Mr Imran Ameen visited the Ravi site on Thursday and reviewed the river front. This is also in the light of commemorating the World’s Wetlands Day.

During his visit, Mr Imran said, “We have to be conscious of our choices, reducing pollution conservation of water as wetland wildlife is adept at using water especially Fish Fauna which used to be main aspect and source of livelihood for many people since ages.

Similarly, bird ecology including 12 bird species that were recorded from the river, has faced habitat degradation over time, now if we fail to protect nature in this span of time Ravi will be nothing than a drain carrier,” he added.

He further said, “We also need to observe the wetland vegetation that includes upland, fringing and aquatic plant-life. Within wetland catchments ecosystems flourish based on energy exchange.

The Hydrology and Environment Department of RUDA are working on the conservation and rehabilitation by planting native flora, creating habitats for wildlife particularly the turtles that were once the yardstick of Ravi’s beauty along with participating on citizen environment projects and initiatives,” he added.

The CEO appreciated Engineering Department for working tirelessly on wildlife ecology restoration study and ways to bring back life into the river, additionally he instructed the teams to beef up surveillance for the conservation of land along with aquatic life.

Later, he visited the RUDA’s industrial site and instructed the team to work on ways to reduce industrial wastes and have impeccable industrial hygiene and espouse a culture of ongoing, steady remediation, which will surely contribute in reducing pollution and improve the environment.

It is pertinent to note that RUDA commemorated the World Wetlands Day also released an inspirational video; “RUDA, where life thrives”.



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