Financial struggles push Lahore man to attempt suicide with children in tow

LAHORE: A financially-stricken man in In Lahore’s Raiwind neighbourhood attempted to take his own life along with that of his three children on Monday by consuming poisonous pills.

Emergency services were able to transport the man and his children, aged 8 to 15, to a hospital where they are currently in critical condition.

The man, who was struggling to make ends meet due to rising inflation and its effects on the cost of living, reportedly cited financial and mental stress as the motive for his actions.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) recently reported that weekly inflation has risen 31.83 percent in the past year, leading to increasing difficulties for the 80 million Pakistanis living below the poverty line.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has listed inflation and economic instability as among the top risks facing the country.


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