Modern method introduced for enlarged prostate treatment in Pakistan

LAHORE: The modern method REZUM has been introduced for the first time in Pakistan for the treatment and operation of enlarged prostate glands.

Professor of Urology Dr. Khizar Hayat Gondal PostGraduate Medical Institute and Ameeruddin Medical College, who is the pioneer of this procedure in Pakistan, revealed it on Saturday in a statement that instead of open surgery of the patient, he adopted new method and successfully completed the operation of enlarged prostate in a private hospital here by simply injecting water steam.

He said that instead of anesthetizing the patient, the procedure is completed by auscultation at the specific place (local anesthesia). It is also a safe method for people suffering from various complex diseases including cardiac issues, he said.

He said that prostate enlargement is generally known as a disease of aged people, however, in some cases, young people also suffer from prostate enlargement disease, which not only hinders them from urinating, but also affects their reproductive system and makes them unable to produce children.

He said that it has been observed that many complications arise in the patient after the operation of the prostate (gland) with the traditional method and the patient does not have control over urine and in most cases, a urine bag has to be placed permanently. While the new method surgery is completed in less than 30 minutes with REZUM modern treatment therefore the patient does not have to stay in the hospital for a day, nor does he need to take medicines, he said.


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