Rasheed says government failed to deliver, economy devastated

RAWALPINDI: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, chief of Awami Muslim League (AML), slammed the government of Shehbaz Sharif and said that it has failed to deliver on its promises.

In a tweet, the former minister said the economy was devastated but the government was not serious about it.

He lamented chaos has been triggered on the “very important appointment” of the army chief.

“In London, they say they are consulting on the appointment, while in Pakistan, they say that the summary has not yet come. Pakistan is being mocked all over the world, the institutions and the judiciary have an important responsibility here,” he said.

He also said this government will not get an easy exit and termed the current situation of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) as “Razia Butt novel”.

He further said the rulers will fail and throw away their “political weapons”. While he also announced that former prime minister Imran Khan’s long march will reach Rawalpindi between November 20-21.

He said he will address a press conference from his Lal Haveli residence on Friday.

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