Huddle devises plan for rehabilitation of drug-addicts

SWAT: Commissioner Malakand Division, Shaukat Ali Yousafzai said on Tuesday that drug addicts were not only a cause of trouble for their families, but they were also a burden to society.

He was speaking at a meeting held devise a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation drug addicts in Swat District. The meeting was attended by Deputy Commissioner Swat Junaid Khan, officers of the social welfare department and representatives of non-governmental organizations providing services for the rehabilitation of addicts.

On the occasion, Secretary to Commissioner Malakand Division Muhammad Ali Khan briefed the participants regarding statistics on the situation and rehabilitation facilities available in the division.

The Commissioner Malakand directed all the districts of the division to seek accurate data on addicts within a week as well as to provide data on rehabilitation centres serving at public and private levels.

He said that Steps will be taken for further functioning of government-run rehabilitation centres across the division so that all facilities are available for complete recovery of the addicts.

He also directed the officers concerned to visit rehabilitation centres to review available facilities and to provide a detailed presentation.

“I am fully committed that drug addicts can be completely rehabilitated to make them lead a dignified life and become a useful citizens of society,” he said, added that the role of welfare organizations in this regard was commendable as well as the government sector was making efforts for the recovery and rehabilitation of addicts in their rehabilitation centres in many districts across the division.

During the meeting, the Swat DC while expressing his opinion suggested that an awareness campaign through media among the public including a helpline contact centre was very important to identify drug addicts in different districts.



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Syed Shahabuddin
Syed Shahabuddin
Reporter at Pakistan Today


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