Allama Iqbal’s vision way to prosperity

LAHORE: PTI leader from NA-137 Okara, Chaudhry Aurangzeb said that everyone would have to struggle hard to transform Pakistan into a model envisioned by forefather, especially poet-philosopher Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

In a message on Iqbal Day, the PTI leader said that what Dr Iqbal had envisaged a welfare state where Islam would rule supreme and which would be a role model for other nations of the world to replicate.

Ch Aurangzeb stressed that Pakistan was envisioned by Allama Iqbal and now it is our duty to adopt his vision as a nation.

He said we should strive to adopt his concept of “Khudi” which emphasizes self recognition and self reliance. Iqbal wanted youngsters to be aware of their current state of dependence and free their mind from the shackles of the world which hinder our way towards real progress, he added.

He emphasized that Pakistan could become a prosperous state only by adopting the vision of Dr Allama Iqbal.



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