‘Ad hocism’ mars educational standard in capital colleges

ISLAMABAD: Despite the availability of senior associate professors and their willingness to serve as heads of the institutions, many of the ICT colleges are functioning without regular heads or principals.

The regular principals of other colleges have been overseeing the affairs of these colleges on an additional/dual charge basis.

An Associate Professor of a college on the condition of anonymity said, “Stop-gap arrangement has become a norm at the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE). The additional charge of colleges to some principals along with their original postings indicates that the administration continues to encourage and operate through Ad hocism”.

According to him, “there is no regular principal at Islamabad Model College for Boys (IMCB) G-15/1. Dr Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui who is basically a professor of BPS-20 at IMCB F-7/3 and principal at IMCB F-11/1 is holding additional charge of IMCB F-15/1,” he said.

Similarly, there is no regular principal at IMCB Pakistan Town. Mr Shahid Mehmood Abbasi who is the regular principal of IMCB G-11/1, is also holding additional charge of Principalship of IMCB Pakistan Town.

Mr Ihsanul Haq, a regular Principal at IMCB F-10/3, is also entrusted with another position of Principal IMCB G-13/2.

Ms. Saba Faisal, who is Principal at Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG) F-10/2, is assigned with an additional charge of Principal IMCG F-11/3. Ms. Shazia Rizvi, who is regular Principal at IMCG G-10/2, is also saddled with an additional charge of Principal G-13/1.

Dr Firdous Zara Bashir, who is the principal of IMCG I-8/4, is also holding charge of the Principal-ship of IMCG G-14/4.

There are over 100 capable male and female associate professors in model colleges waiting for their turn at principal-ship.

“Among those, the senior associate professors could be given the charge of principal-ship but regrettably present management of FDE wants the system run on Ad hocism,” the professor said.

Another associate professor said, “We are witnessing unprecedented Ad hocism in occupying key positions at FDE as an associate professor is holding the position of Principal of IMCB F-7/3 (morning and evening shift)”.

He is enjoying the positions of Director F.G Colleges and Director Model Colleges too. Moreover, he is Area Education Officer as well for the last over four years. Due to holding multiple positions by him, a mess has been created.

Most of the files that need urgent attention are pending with him. He cannot spare time to look after all of his portfolios, resultantly, educational institutions are badly suffering.

Moreover, the mess of Ad hocism is prevalent in the appointment/posting of principals which has unfavorable consequences for educational institutions and students.

He urged the education minister to put an end to Ad hocism at FDE and appoint full-fledged principals for ensuring effective learning at the institutions.

When contacted, Dr Rahima Rehman, president of Federal Government College Teachers Association, said, “Due to lack of “Division of labour” at FDE, federal government colleges are badly ignored. The present director is occupying four key positions. He does not have the capacity to handle higher education setup of federal government colleges.

“One can be a jack of all trades but cannot be a master (expert of all businesses) so the management of FDE should appoint a separate director to deal with the affairs of federal government colleges.” she said.




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