Fate of Pakistan

Pakistan is in a state of economic, political and social turmoil. As a result, its qualified and skilled citizens are looking for permanent residence and job opportunities in developed countries like Canada and Australia. Our country has been struggling for stability since 1947.
The current account deficit (CAD) of Pakistan has swollen up to $17.4 billion in the 2021-22 fiscal. The ban on the import of luxury items has proven not to be a solution. Due to the depreciating value of the national currency, Pakistan’s exports face major difficulties. Foreign investors are reluctant to take risk amid economic instability.
The country has recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of its independence, but its fate hangs in the balance. Poor policies and vested interests of politicians have caused great harm to the country, and the trend is continuing. The politicians should take effective measures for political stability and progress of the country.

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