Newly recorded national anthem to become voice of nation: PM

ISLAMABAD: On the eve of the unveiling of the newly recorded national anthem, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Saturday said the magnificent words of the national anthem would become voice of the nation in a new way.

In a tweet on social media platform Twitter, he said, “after 68 years, the magnificent words of our national anthem would become voice of the nation in a new way and with new musical arrangement.”

“I dedicate this beautiful production and historic moments to the Pakistani nation. I congratulate the Ministry of Information, Steering Committee, Inter Services Public

Relations and the whole team for their endeavour,” he added.

Earlier, in a televised address to the nation on the eve of Independence Day, PM Shehbaz said history was witness that Pakistan was created after millions of Muslims sacrificed their lives.

“But today mere felicitation is not enough. In the past we just celebrated the Independence Day but did not make enough efforts to achieve the goals of independence so that souls of the Quaid and martyrs are satisfied and in comfort.”

He said Pakistanis enthusiastically and with great joy celebrate the Independence Day of their country and the anniversaries of Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, adding, “today we have to accept the truth with open heart that we cannot give to our younger generation, what it truly deserved.”



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