Dilemma of education system

Our universities are there for commercial purposes. Our PhDs stand nowhere in the context of actual academically-researched knowledge. However, they are everywhere when it comes to seeking this post or that appointment.

At the University of Karachi, one of the premier higher education institutions in the country, a number of PhD ‘scholars’ were wrangling for the post of vice-chancellor; a post which was once under the stewardship of eminent personalities like Prof A.B.A. Haleem and Prof Salimuzzaman Siddiqui. There is a reason why they are lovingly remembered by us.

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Now we see the post of vice-chancellor being contested by a number of individuals, as was indicated by the report “Ignoring all concerns, CM Murad appoints Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi as new KU VC” (July 29).

The post these days is being sought only for fame, money and income, just as is the case with our politicians, and the rivals do not mind one bit the idea of mudslinging in the process becasue they have often, though not always, seen the best mudslinger take away the trophy.

What kind of an academic would stoop tto that level? What would be the result of all this and where it would take the nation? Apparently, it won’t be a nice place, I guess.



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