Pakistan to participate in 13 trade exhibitions in China during 2022-23

In line with Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) Annual Business Plan (ABP), Pakistani officials, experts, importers, and exporters will participate in exhibitions and fairs in different Chinese cities during this period.

The exhibitions will cover a variety of topics including textile, leather, agro & food, exports of rice, mangoes, and meat to China, etc.

Apart from exhibitions, the authority has also planned export promotional conferences, webinars, workshops, and delegations to and from Pakistan during this period.

The 7th China-Eurasia Expo under the category of International Markets Development Division (IMDD) will take place from August 25 to 30 in Urumqi, China. Similarly, Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics will be organized from August 29 to 31, 2022.

From September 16 to 19, the China-ASEAN Expo will take place in Nanning, China under the IMDD category while in October 2022, Seafood and Fisheries Expo will take place in Hongdao, China.

China Int’l Import Expo (CIIE) has been planned for November 5-10 2022 in Shanghai under the category of IMDD while Wenzhou 4th Intl Import Expo will be organized on November 18-21 in Wenzhou. The Western China International Sourcing Fair will take place on November 19-21 in Xi’an, China.

In March 2023, the Xiamen Stone Fair will take place in Xiamen, China. Pakistan’s Engineering & Minerals Division will participate to showcase the country’s marble sector.

During the same month, Pakistan’s Textile and Leather Division will exhibit the country’s apparel and fabrics at ‘Inter Textile Shanghai Fabric’ in China.

In April 2023, China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair) will take place in Guangzhou in the category of IMDD while the Textile and Leather Division of Pakistan will showcase the country’s articles of leather at APLF Hong Kong.

From May 25 to 27, the textile and leather division will participate in the Domotex-Shanghai exhibition in Shanghai China.

In June 2023, Pakistan will participate in China Int’l SME Fair which will take place in Guangzhou.

As per the business plan 2022-23, 10 Pakistani delegates associated with ready-made garments and hosiery will visit China while four Chinese delegates (quarantine inspectors in meat) will visit Pakistan.

Several seminars and webinars/B2B Sessions and interactions are also planned wherein importers and exporters from both countries will participate. For example, in August 2022, a webinar titled ‘Replacing imports from China due to US sanctions/tariff increase’ will take place to understand the market dynamics of China after US sanctions.

In September 2022, another B2B interaction on replacing imports from China will be organized to understand the market dynamics of China after US sanctions.

In November 2022, a webinar/B2B session will take place to introduce Pakistani citrus products to the Chinese market. The stakeholders of the B2B are TIO China, TDAP, PFVA, SCCI, fruits and vegetable association of China.

In December 2022, a webinar titled ‘Market awareness on China under CPFTA, Potential and Issues of the Plastic Sector and Prospectus of Plastic Exports to China under CPFTA’ will take place.

In January 2023, a webinar/B2B session will take place to introduce Pakistani mango products to the Chinese market. The stakeholders of the B2B include TIO China, TDAP, PFVA, fruits & vegetable association of China.

In January 2023, a B2B interaction of local exporters with major buyers of the world-leading dry fruit importer will take place to secure more shares in the Chinese market.

In March 2023 a webinar/B2B, Pakistan-China Tobacco Trade, Trade Mission China TDAP, business community in China and business community in Pakistan will explore the potential of Pakistan- China Tobacco Trade as China is among top 10 largest exporters of Tobacco

A seminar on CPFTA-II will be held in April 2023 in Karachi to disseminate information regarding the utilization of the FTA with China and tapping into unused potential and tariff lines.

In April 2023, another webinar/B2B session regarding exports of rice to China will be organized by the Trade Mission at Beijing and Shanghai and Rice Importers.

Some seminars and webinars on the topics of ‘Market Opportunities for packaging industry of Pakistan’, ‘Pakistan-China Sports Goods’, ‘Export of Gemstones’ ‘Market penetration, creation of linkages of surgical firms with Chinese counterparts’ and interaction regarding Chinese prefabricated-low-cost housing to Housing sector of Pakistan have also been planned.


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