10 air quality index devices installed on highways in Capital

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police have installed 10 air quality index measurement meters on the main avenues of the city, aiming at reducing air pollution by ensuring strict action against smoke-emitting vehicles, a police public relations officer said the other day.

To implement the vision of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and as per instructions of Federal Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah Khan, reforms in the Islamabad police are underway.

In this regard, Islamabad Police IGP Dr Akbar Nasir Khan and Dr Faheem Khokhar Head of Department for Environment, National University of Science and Technology decided to install an air quality index management system on Srinagar highway and Islamabad Expressway during a meeting held at Safe city. Dr Akbar Nasir Khan had already issued special instructions to SSP Traffic Dr Mustafa Tanveer to ban the entry of vehicles causing environmental pollution in the federal capital and also imposed heavy fines on unfit vehicles.

He said that various teams have been constituted to crackdown on vehicles causing environmental pollution on the highways. Challan tickets are also being issued besides strict legal actions against them.


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