Youth struggling for Jobs

One of my friends was recently asked by education officials in her district to pay more than Rs25,000 to be posted as a primary school teacher in her own locality. This person had been waiting eagerly for her appointment letter for quite some time. However, to her dismay, the long-awaited letter told her that she had been posted in a far-away village.

Being the only breadwinner of the family and the lone attendant to her ailing father, she requested the education officials for a posting closer to her home. However, she was told to furnish the said amount.

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What kind of a country do we live in? With such officials in charge of the country’s education system, how can we hope to promote good values and habits in our children? The officials concerned should have at least shown some empathy towards hardworking women. Money earned by causing pain to others never lets its owner sleep in peace. But, apparently, that is not an element that carries much weight in many an eye.



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