PTI struggle to go until country freed from ‘slavery’: Mahmood

SWAT: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan said that PTI is fighting for real independence and will continue to liberate the country from American slavery in any case.

He expressed these views while addressing a gathering on the occasion of inauguration of various development projects  and laying of foundation stone of Kalam Gabral Hydropower Project including Royal Cricket Stadium in Kalam and Bahrain areas of Swat District here on Saturday.

He said that during long march on Islamabad, the “assassin” Rana Sanaullah tried to repeat the history of the Model Town incident but he did not know that this time he was facing the Pashtun Nation.

“This Pakhtun Chief Minister will avenge the worst violence in history during March at the home of Rana Sanaullah.” he declared.

He said that the whole nation will come out and fight for independence on the next call of Imran Khan.

Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said that Pashtun nation does not recognize anyone’s slave and this nation has always lived a life of freedom. “The liberation of the Pakhtuns of Afghanistan is a living example of this fact. The powers of the world tried to enslave the Afghan Nation but failed miserably.”

He said that the purpose for which this country came into being under the leadership Quaid-i-Azam, with a clear purpose and motto. “But unfortunately at this time, Pakistan is not liberated and a bunch of dacoits are ruling it.”

“The prime minister is a criminal and Rana Sanaullah is a murderer, and I will never recognize them,” he said

He said that these people have brought a storm of inflation by increasing the price of petrol by Rs30 and flour by Rs18 per kg and have imposed a burden on the people to please their masters.

He further added that two PTI workers were martyred in the Islamabad March. This firing and this violence was the worst violence in the history of the country and this day was the darkest day in the history of the country

“But I salute the mothers, sisters and brothers who endured all this and persevered. They said that I am the Pakhtun Chief Minister and I will avenge their miseries because the Pakhtun nation never tolerates oppression.”

He said that cases have been registered against him and other leaders, adding that he challenge Rana Sanaullah to use as much force as possible, saying that Rana Sanaullah should read the writing on the wall.

He said it is a struggle for independence from the US slavery, adding that had Imran Khan owned property abroad and stacked dollars there he would not have showed such great courage. “Imran Khan has dedicated his life for this country and nation. If the call comes again, we will go again and liberate this country free from mafias.”

The Chief Minister declared that the PTI would register the cases of two martyrs against the guilty Prime Minister and the murderous Home Minister.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan laid the foundation stone of the residential colony of Kalam Gabral Hydropower Project generating 88 MW of electricity at a cost of Rs4 billion. The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone of the Shahi Cricket Stadium Kalam. The project will cost Rs 2.8 billion.

He said that the Kalam Cricket Stadium project is another important project for the development of the region and this Cricket Stadium will be of international standard and international cricket will be played here.

The Chief Minister inaugurated the completion of a solar energy project for schools. Under the project, solar energy has been provided to 8000 schools in the province at a cost of Rs4.5 billion. The Chief Minister also inaugurated a project to provide solar energy to mosques completed at a cost of Rs2.8 billon under which solar energy has been provided to 4000 mosques across the province.

The Chief Minister also inaugurated the Kalam Campus of Engineering University while inaugurating several projects of roads and bridges construction in Kalam.

He said that the tender for Mahudhand road project has been issued and practical work will be started soon. Mahmood Khan said that Kalam is the best place for tourism and the provincial government is taking practical steps for the promotion of tourism in the area.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister inaugurated Tirat Model School, Government High School Cheel, Government High School Qandil and Government High School Gornai in Bahrain Tehsil.

The Chief Minister also inaugurated seven RCC bridges including Ayin Bridge, Darolai Bridge, Qandil Bridge and others. The Chief Minister also inaugurated Bashigram Danda Lake Road and Bela Bashigram Road, which have been completed at a cost of Rs480 million and Rs420 million respectively.




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