PM Shehbaz urges business community to help resolve economy

ISLAMABAD: After a day-long visit to Karachi to meet with businessmen, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has thanked them for inviting him.

Taking to Twitter, the prime minister said: “Thank you to Karachi’s business community for the invitation to speak. I explained the rationale behind the ban on import of luxury items: saving scarce foreign exchange, dollar stabilisation, ending social imbalance & strengthening the local industry.”

Talking about the PTI-led government, the premier said that the government “took loans worth Rs 20,000 billion which was an increase of 80% in the loans taken since 1947″, adding that people want answers if it has any single project to show for these loans.

Yesterday, PM Shehbaz addressed the business community in Karachi and sought solutions to the economic woes that the country is undergoing.

During his speech, the premier asked businessmen to speak about their problems and said: “We need to analyse the economic situation with patience.”

The premier then requested the business community to provide solutions as the local currency has lately been fluctuating significantly against the US dollar.

“I am not here for political point-scoring,” the premier clarified, stressing that he wants to know the solutions to the problems faced by the business community.


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